If you are looking for a trip where you can enjoy exclusive moments of well-being, which have open spaces for relaxation, surrounded by nature, these experiences that we will present in this article are for you.

The offer varies depending on the region of Colombia you choose. You can do one-day tours or spend several days in paradisiacal places recharging the body’s energy and the heart. It offers beaches with crystal clear waters, mountains full of vegetation in which endless flowers adorn the environment. In the abundant jungle, with ancestral techniques, they are part of the range of possibilities for choosing your next trip.

Next, we present the alternatives most desired by travelers who visit our country seeking to return home full of health through experiences full of sensations of well-being.

Private islands for relaxation near Cartagena, Just fifteen minutes by sea from Cartagena you can reach Tierra Bomba. About an hour away are the crystalline beaches of Barú and the Rosario Islands. And, a little further, two hours away, you arrive at the San Bernardo and Tintipán Islands.

These plans range from renting a boat to walk around the city’s bay during the day, renting houses and private islands where relaxation experience is total.

Beach and fishing days in which there is access to massage areas, natural aquariums, cookouts, and ecological tours, recharge the mind and body of visitors. Getting out of the routine to rediscover the meaning of life in the middle of the sea is an experience to live in a unique destination in beauty and exclusivity.

Yoga sessions with experts

From the experts’ hands, this physical and mental discipline becomes the best therapy to reconnect the body and mind, achieving the well-being that is so much needed in an increasingly busy world.

Specialized workshops in exclusive spaces will make you find the profound experience of connecting with yourself while activating all the body muscles.

This ancient practice supported by certified teachers guarantees the well-being of those who want a trip that promotes health, well-being, and emotional balance.

Hot Yoga classes, taken in spaces where the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius, are a perfect option to strengthen muscles, relieve stress, eliminate toxins, and burn calories.

There are also places to take a few days off doing meditation and practicing yoga. During these days, in the middle of nature, silence, and body practice, along with an organic and balanced meal, you will have the feeling of the opportunity to start life again.

These retreats are held in different regions of the country. You can find these activities in various areas of the Department of Santander, on the beaches of Tayrona – north of the city of Santa Marta – and Minca – south of the same town – where you can interact with indigenous communities.

Depending on the experience you choose, you can also interact with the culture through dance classes.

Ancestral treatments

Many travelers come to the indigenous and Afro-descendant communities of our country with the desire to receive all their wisdom about the benefits that nature offers.

In some settlements, you can experience the medicinal richness of some plants that only the natives know about. These practices are of great importance because these groups integrate health, nature care, and the close relationship between human beings and the environment that surrounds them.

The cultural exchange with these host communities allows them to carry out stress treatments, consisting of awakening man’s consciousness. They generally start with physical and mental detoxification that consists of natural, unseasoned food, fruits, and vegetables from the area and a stay in the most beautiful Colombian jungles and mountains where nature heals with its sounds and purity.

From air Thus, while you have an intercultural experience, you spend the best moments accompanied by true sages who seek the relief of contemporary men and women. Rituals for eliminating toxins, logotherapy, baths in thermal waters and pure water bodies, and natural hydrotherapies in waterfalls are also part of these treatments.

Colombia also has numerous wellness centers that focus on offering alternative medicine and relaxation practices that mix ancestral wisdom with oriental relaxation practices, with the sole purpose of revitalizing the body.

The offer of wellness experiences is extensive in the country. This abundance of options is due to the richness in biodiversity and our regions’ cultural wealth, which puts us at the forefront in this type of travel. If you want a different experience to relax and reconnect with life, do not hesitate to choose one of these options.

Travel differently, this is what our most exclusive travelers want, and Colombia offers a great variety of experiences in places that include all the benefits of nature and the kindness and knowledge of its people.


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