Yate Azimut 62s



Azimut 62s yacht

Live unforgettable moments at sea thanks to this luxury ship that offers the best experiences on board, a ship of the latest generation, and modern finishes, where you will live a unique experience, guided by professional experts in putting together a day at the beach and nautical experiences accompanied by yours, knowing the best of the islands in cartagena, collecting sunsets with the comfort you deserve so much, book now and let us put together the best of plans for you.

Refrigerator, sound, Bluetooth, 3 cabins, 3 bathrooms, 2 engines, 110 hp cat, sunbathing in stern and bow, BBQ, 24 cokes of 235 ml, 24 chips and snacks, 24 bottles of water 250 ml, 4 ice bags, and insurance for each passenger, 62 feet.

16 passengers

Set Price 13,860,000  , 3.650 USD


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