When traveling to Cartagena, you will not be able to avoid going back in history, especially to colonial times. At that time, the viceroys and wealthy settlers chose the walled city as their permanent residence. These colonial-style houses have made La Heroica the most desired tourist destination in Colombia.

These one and two-story residences were built with rooms with ceilings, large doors and windows, balconies, wide corridors, columns joined by arches, which surround one or more courtyards with gardens and are designed in the style of Andalusia and Extremadura, Spanish cities. which in turn inherited Arabic, Roman, and Greek architecture.

This is how the Spanish atmosphere, which is breathed inside these constructions, gives the walled city a special characteristic that has allowed it to be declared a National Heritage Site of Colombia in 1959, a World Heritage Site in 1984 by Unesco and awarded for its military architecture in 2007.


On Calle Don Sancho, sales of more than 21,000,000m2 have been made.
The block is currently between 19,500,000 / 21,000,000 million It is a property valued at the market price above $ 38,000,000,000

It is the most valued block of the walled center for its location, neighbors, tourist crowds for being on cruise routes/tourism agencies, and for its architectural beauty constantly used in recordings of various kinds.

“For example, Don Sancho Street is the most expensive due to three conditions that are considered fundamental in La Heroica: the proximity to the Heredia Theater and the wall; because at the back of the lot you can build two floors which gives an excellent view of the sea ​​and good neighbors, “explains Ponnef.”

Don Sancho Street is used for film recordings, music videos, soap operas, and advertising campaigns.

Will Smith and his son made a music video on the block. It was exhibited nationally and internationally for the campaign of the Ministry of Tourism “Magic Realism”

He was on the cover of airline magazines for several months for this and other state campaigns.

The house has 9 rooms are like this:
Alcove 1: Bed 1.80 x 2 Main
Alcove 2: 2 Beds 1.60 x 2
Alcove 3: 2×2 bed
Alcove 4: 2×2 bed
Alcove 5: 2 Beds of 1.40×2
Alcove 6: 2 Bedrooms 1,40m x 2
Alcove 7: Bed 1.40×2
1.20×2 bed
Loft Bedrooms 8 and 9: 2x 2 and 1,60×2 bed
9 bedrooms 12 bathrooms 2 utility rooms 1 bedroom Lingerian POOL
Industrial Kitchen Interior Exterior Terrace BBQ Mirador 270


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