Ron Experience & Distillation Our rum experience and distillation is a journey of flavors through the fascinating history of rum and its creation process.

We welcome with a signature cocktail, we begin with a journey through history discovering the origins of sugar cane to this day, we taste fresh cane, we drink the juice of the cane called Guarapo, thus explaining each step of the process of elaboration of the rum, we have to ferment the guarapo with which we will see what happens in the fermentation process, then continuing with the process to finish the elaboration of the rum, the clients will make themselves the distillation of their own rum in our copper alembic.

Before starting with the comparative test of the rums, we will go through a table of flavors and aromas that stimulate the senses, and thus at the moment of capture, we will be able to better describe the aromas and flavors that we can find in rums. Then we went in to taste each of the 5 Colombian rums, learning a little about the origin of each one and describing its characteristics.


Duration: 90 minutes or 45 minutes
Includes The experience,
Does not include: Transportation to the place where the tasting takes place.

Rates per person:

$ 200,000 COP  – 90 minutes 55 USD per person (minimum 10 people)
Colombian rum experience (premium)

$ 135,000COP  – 45 minutes 40 USD per person (minimum 10 people)

Colombian rum experience

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