Weed Fast Boat 38 Ft



This particular boat meets all the requirements to give you an unforgettable adventure

Available for 14 passengers

Refrigerator, sound, Bluetooth, sunbathing, 2 motors, 240 hp, 12 colas of 235 ml, 12 packages of potatoes of 30gr, 24 bottles of water 250 ml, 1 bag of ice


Este particular bote reúne todos los Requisitos para brindarte una aventura inolvidable

Disponible para 14 pasajeros


Nevera, sonido, Bluetooth, asoleadoras, 2 motores, 240 hp, 12 coca colas de 235 ml, 12 paquetes de papas de 30gr, 24 botellas de agua 250 ml, 1 bolsa de hielo

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